Welcome to my new blog !

Me at Lakeside

Hello people ! It’s super exciting for me to start writing my new blog after 1,5 years for rest and settling my education life ( . So, as you understand, it’s a fresh new start. After a 4-years blogging session I’ve decided not to write only about fashion because it becomes really exhausting after a while and everybody writes the same stuff; fashion weeks, new collections … My blog needs to be something special, at least for me. Blogging is amazing. I had written on my blogspot page about 3,4 or 4 years and it gave me a lot. I’ve met amazing people who shares common interest with me and learnt lots of things which makes people suprised. Moreover, blogging always keeps you inspired. You become more creative. Also it is a beautiful way of theraphy. Forgetting the stress of life and enjoying what you’re keen on is so relaxing. That’s why I can’t keep myself of blogging. After all these stuff you may wonder “Who’s that girl?” . My name is Melike Çulcuoğlu and this year I am a freshman student at the architecture department of Middle East Technical University(Yay! It’s best of the best in my country, Turkey). I have to enjoy every part of my life and I like to share it. Welcome to my blog!


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