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Keeping lists and taking notes consciously comes from creative minds. Just like me, I won’t be modest about it. If I have to muse about listing habits of creative and clever people, I guess that’s all based on the desire of controll. Having the documents of the things feels safe. Maybe they are all preparations for the upcoming unthought things, at least for me. When I watch a movie, listen to a speech or in a lesson a new list starts to be written on the notes part of my phone.

I am thinking of myself. Te first list that I’ve ever had is alphabet that daddy gave me. I was watching Sesame Street. Voila! I have learnt reading and writing by myself. I was 4 or 5. That alphabet was a beginning of a chain reaction. The first list that I’ve first made was the list of my friends from Kindergarten. Kindergarten was kinda dream. I still see my teachers there, they’re lovely and still concerned about me. Whatever…

The simpliest lists that I’ve made were about the books I’ve read and liked, the movies I’ve watched and liked, characters who inspire me… For exampe the one that I’ve made last year was about the things I’ve eaten every day. Moreover my recent list is about the money I spend every day. I also keep an agenda, feels like living more aware. Maybe I seem too obsessed on tidiness. Obsession? Maybe. Tidiness? Not at all. I like putting things in an order, not myself. Atully I’m tidy, mentally. The idea of organizing things makes me feel comfortable and satisfied. Moreover, stationaries makes this progress much more enjoyable. Why do Moleskine and Smythson exists?

That’s all for today, just something personal. Thanks for joining my inner speech.

Have a good time dandy people.



WANTED : Lionel Richie


I’ve seen this poster on the door of a teachers room at school but the lyrics were teared. I think it’s soooooooo good. It is still  making me laugh when I remember and it’s a little bit weird. I couldn’t keep myself from sharing this.

Bu posteri okulda bir öğretmenin odasının kapısında gördüm, tabi şarkı sözü kısmı ilanlardaki gibi kesilip yırtılmıştı. Bence harika olmuş. Hala hatırladıkça gülüyorum. Biraz garip oluyor çünkü nerede hatırlayacağım elimde olan bir şey değil.