What’s in my bag: Architecture Happens

What’s in my bag: Architecture Happens


Jaak De Koninck and Starbrook Airlines

If I weren’t studying architecture, I’d definitely be a fashion designer or a pilot. The lucky ones who used to read my previous blog can easily get the “fashion” part. However today I’m gonna touch on the flying part.

As a girl who loves travelling and exploring something new, it’s needless for me to say that flying is a great source of exctitement. Besides I am sharing this feeling with a great crew, just like the Belgian artist Jaak De Koninck. He is passionate everything about flying; airplanes, hostesses, people who feel excited about flying. This passion shows us itself by beautiful nostalgic water colour and oil colour artworks.

He paints even on stamps or 12 m2 canvas. And it’s also available to have his beautiful works by buying Starbrook Airlines chocolates. To be honest, the main reason for me to buy those chocolates is Jaak Je Koninck. I already have 2 tin boxes, some postcards and lots of paper package which are waiting to be framed. Framing a chocolate package? Don’t find it strange until you see those awesome works. I’d do a lot to have one of his original works to hang on bedroom in my new house.



Photo credits : http://www.jaakdekoninck.be/ , http://www.belgianchocolates.be/home.htm

WANTED : Lionel Richie


I’ve seen this poster on the door of a teachers room at school but the lyrics were teared. I think it’s soooooooo good. It is still  making me laugh when I remember and it’s a little bit weird. I couldn’t keep myself from sharing this.

Bu posteri okulda bir öğretmenin odasının kapısında gördüm, tabi şarkı sözü kısmı ilanlardaki gibi kesilip yırtılmıştı. Bence harika olmuş. Hala hatırladıkça gülüyorum. Biraz garip oluyor çünkü nerede hatırlayacağım elimde olan bir şey değil.