Remember me?


Hello dears!

How tired am I! Yesterday I slept for 1,5 hours and had a very intense working night. Hence, today I was so sleepy that I couldn’t resist more and came home at the expense of missing a speech of the head of architecture department. I was really wandering that. I guess I need to get into that much tiring and busy days.

I used to be that kind of girl who cares herself and setled it into daily routine. Nowadays  the only “caring” factor that I’m doing is cleansing and fragrances which are totally a must for me (and I hope for you too!). However, my skin is screaming for help about dryness and teenager issues. Thanks god I have time for making outfits and clean my clothes(No, machines can’t do that for me. Half of my wardrobe requires hand-washing for wool and silk clothes, the other parts are already shirts, jeans and basics.)

What I need from the new year is to throw my laziness away and adjust myself into my week-planner. Learning a new language is on the top of my “recent to do list”, hopefully I’ll make it real on january. Moreover I also want to do solfege exercises every day and read all the books I’ve bought (It’ll take so much time I guess). And documentary films! Yes! I have collected and bought a lot of them and they are winking me whenever we come across in my bedroom. Photography? I’m learning it by trying a lot with different lenses but it still needs an education part.

I hope it’s understood that why I’m not writing my fashion blog anymore. It needs continuity. My intention on this blog is writing continuously too but I’m trying my best. Furthermore I need something new. It doesn’t seem satisfying to do spors or playing instruments. It can be anything. I’m still on the searching and exploring part on the change of me. It can be anything, I don’t know. Something changed in my life but I remain the same but it’s not right for the position I exist.

Whatever… That’s all from me now. I decided about the posts I’m going to write, wish me more time for those posts to be written. Bye!



DSC_0264 - Kopya
Keeping lists and taking notes consciously comes from creative minds. Just like me, I won’t be modest about it. If I have to muse about listing habits of creative and clever people, I guess that’s all based on the desire of controll. Having the documents of the things feels safe. Maybe they are all preparations for the upcoming unthought things, at least for me. When I watch a movie, listen to a speech or in a lesson a new list starts to be written on the notes part of my phone.

I am thinking of myself. Te first list that I’ve ever had is alphabet that daddy gave me. I was watching Sesame Street. Voila! I have learnt reading and writing by myself. I was 4 or 5. That alphabet was a beginning of a chain reaction. The first list that I’ve first made was the list of my friends from Kindergarten. Kindergarten was kinda dream. I still see my teachers there, they’re lovely and still concerned about me. Whatever…

The simpliest lists that I’ve made were about the books I’ve read and liked, the movies I’ve watched and liked, characters who inspire me… For exampe the one that I’ve made last year was about the things I’ve eaten every day. Moreover my recent list is about the money I spend every day. I also keep an agenda, feels like living more aware. Maybe I seem too obsessed on tidiness. Obsession? Maybe. Tidiness? Not at all. I like putting things in an order, not myself. Atully I’m tidy, mentally. The idea of organizing things makes me feel comfortable and satisfied. Moreover, stationaries makes this progress much more enjoyable. Why do Moleskine and Smythson exists?

That’s all for today, just something personal. Thanks for joining my inner speech.

Have a good time dandy people.


WANTED : Lionel Richie


I’ve seen this poster on the door of a teachers room at school but the lyrics were teared. I think it’s soooooooo good. It is still  making me laugh when I remember and it’s a little bit weird. I couldn’t keep myself from sharing this.

Bu posteri okulda bir öğretmenin odasının kapısında gördüm, tabi şarkı sözü kısmı ilanlardaki gibi kesilip yırtılmıştı. Bence harika olmuş. Hala hatırladıkça gülüyorum. Biraz garip oluyor çünkü nerede hatırlayacağım elimde olan bir şey değil.

Welcome to my new blog !

Me at Lakeside

Hello people ! It’s super exciting for me to start writing my new blog after 1,5 years for rest and settling my education life ( . So, as you understand, it’s a fresh new start. After a 4-years blogging session I’ve decided not to write only about fashion because it becomes really exhausting after a while and everybody writes the same stuff; fashion weeks, new collections … My blog needs to be something special, at least for me. Blogging is amazing. I had written on my blogspot page about 3,4 or 4 years and it gave me a lot. I’ve met amazing people who shares common interest with me and learnt lots of things which makes people suprised. Moreover, blogging always keeps you inspired. You become more creative. Also it is a beautiful way of theraphy. Forgetting the stress of life and enjoying what you’re keen on is so relaxing. That’s why I can’t keep myself of blogging. After all these stuff you may wonder “Who’s that girl?” . My name is Melike Çulcuoğlu and this year I am a freshman student at the architecture department of Middle East Technical University(Yay! It’s best of the best in my country, Turkey). I have to enjoy every part of my life and I like to share it. Welcome to my blog!