What’s in my bag: Architecture Happens

What’s in my bag: Architecture Happens



I want to tell a memory of mine from the night between last tuesday and wednesday. I was doing some homework stuff and it was 5.30 am. It had been a long time since I started to study and my brain was full of architectural documentary videos, books and articles. While I was writing down something on my logbook, I started sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and there was “bozuk çay” written on my logbook which means “rotten tea”. I erased it and tried to concentrate on my assignment again. I slept by my desk again. This time when I woke up I saw “tenispilates” on my logbook. However after all I decided to sleep.

It’s one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had. Maybe it’s about our subconscious. If scientists did that as a test, I’m sure they’d find out pretty interesting results. Whatever, I’m just happy for this week had ended up, it was the worst in this school. That’s all 🙂

See you!

(You can see the marks of erased “tenispilates” downwards)

Merhabalar! Size geçtiğimiz salıyı çarşambaya bağlayan gece yaşadığım minik bir olayı anlatmak istiyorum. Saat sabahın beş buçuğuydu ve ben hala ödev yapıyordum. Bir gece için fazla denebilecek kadar çok mimari yayın okumuş, belgesel izlemiştim ve kafam karmakarışıktı. Biraz da uykunun etkisi vardı tabi. Logbook’uma yazı yazarken yavaşça uyuyakaldım. Hala yazı yazıyordum ve bir anda uyandım. Defterimde “bozuk çay” yazıyordu. İlginçti. Yazıyı sildiğim gibi ödevime devam ettim. Aynı şey yeniden başıma geldi. Bu sefer ise defterimde gördüğüm “tenispilates”ti. Bunların ardından doğal olarak biraz uyusam iyi olur dedim.

Anlatınca çok sıradan geldi ama başıma gelen en ilginç olaylardan biriydi bu. Bilinçaltıyla ilgili olsa gerek. Bilim adamları böyle testler yapsa oldukça ilginç sonuçlar elde ederler, bundan eminim. Her neyse, şu ana kadar okulda geçirdiğim en kötü hafta bugün itibariyle son buldu.

Görüşmek üzere!


Remember me?


Hello dears!

How tired am I! Yesterday I slept for 1,5 hours and had a very intense working night. Hence, today I was so sleepy that I couldn’t resist more and came home at the expense of missing a speech of the head of architecture department. I was really wandering that. I guess I need to get into that much tiring and busy days.

I used to be that kind of girl who cares herself and setled it into daily routine. Nowadays  the only “caring” factor that I’m doing is cleansing and fragrances which are totally a must for me (and I hope for you too!). However, my skin is screaming for help about dryness and teenager issues. Thanks god I have time for making outfits and clean my clothes(No, machines can’t do that for me. Half of my wardrobe requires hand-washing for wool and silk clothes, the other parts are already shirts, jeans and basics.)

What I need from the new year is to throw my laziness away and adjust myself into my week-planner. Learning a new language is on the top of my “recent to do list”, hopefully I’ll make it real on january. Moreover I also want to do solfege exercises every day and read all the books I’ve bought (It’ll take so much time I guess). And documentary films! Yes! I have collected and bought a lot of them and they are winking me whenever we come across in my bedroom. Photography? I’m learning it by trying a lot with different lenses but it still needs an education part.

I hope it’s understood that why I’m not writing my fashion blog anymore. It needs continuity. My intention on this blog is writing continuously too but I’m trying my best. Furthermore I need something new. It doesn’t seem satisfying to do spors or playing instruments. It can be anything. I’m still on the searching and exploring part on the change of me. It can be anything, I don’t know. Something changed in my life but I remain the same but it’s not right for the position I exist.

Whatever… That’s all from me now. I decided about the posts I’m going to write, wish me more time for those posts to be written. Bye!

Advanced Models : Deutsche Arkitektur Museum


One of the factors that makes architecture amusing is modeling. Whenever I find a chance to examine them, I take it full of advantage. Hence, it was unavoidable for me to visit Deutsche Arkitektur Museum while I was in Frankfurt. I took more than 600 photos in a very short time, can you believe this? There was a part that took my attention the most was the development progress of architecture from the first. Moreover model of Çatalhöyük, exists in Turkey, was well symbolized with figures showing how was the daily life of the people those days (about 6000-7000 BC). I want to share some detais from the museum, but just a little bit. Sounds selfish, right? The museum is next to Untermainbrücke in Frankfurt, it takes 10-15 minutes from Hauptbahnhof Main Station by walking. If you go Frankfurt, don’t skip DAM. Tschüss!


Jaak De Koninck and Starbrook Airlines

If I weren’t studying architecture, I’d definitely be a fashion designer or a pilot. The lucky ones who used to read my previous blog can easily get the “fashion” part. However today I’m gonna touch on the flying part.

As a girl who loves travelling and exploring something new, it’s needless for me to say that flying is a great source of exctitement. Besides I am sharing this feeling with a great crew, just like the Belgian artist Jaak De Koninck. He is passionate everything about flying; airplanes, hostesses, people who feel excited about flying. This passion shows us itself by beautiful nostalgic water colour and oil colour artworks.

He paints even on stamps or 12 m2 canvas. And it’s also available to have his beautiful works by buying Starbrook Airlines chocolates. To be honest, the main reason for me to buy those chocolates is Jaak Je Koninck. I already have 2 tin boxes, some postcards and lots of paper package which are waiting to be framed. Framing a chocolate package? Don’t find it strange until you see those awesome works. I’d do a lot to have one of his original works to hang on bedroom in my new house.



Photo credits : http://www.jaakdekoninck.be/ , http://www.belgianchocolates.be/home.htm