Advanced Models : Deutsche Arkitektur Museum


One of the factors that makes architecture amusing is modeling. Whenever I find a chance to examine them, I take it full of advantage. Hence, it was unavoidable for me to visit Deutsche Arkitektur Museum while I was in Frankfurt. I took more than 600 photos in a very short time, can you believe this? There was a part that took my attention the most was the development progress of architecture from the first. Moreover model of Çatalhöyük, exists in Turkey, was well symbolized with figures showing how was the daily life of the people those days (about 6000-7000 BC). I want to share some detais from the museum, but just a little bit. Sounds selfish, right? The museum is next to Untermainbrücke in Frankfurt, it takes 10-15 minutes from Hauptbahnhof Main Station by walking. If you go Frankfurt, don’t skip DAM. Tschüss!



Jaak De Koninck and Starbrook Airlines

If I weren’t studying architecture, I’d definitely be a fashion designer or a pilot. The lucky ones who used to read my previous blog can easily get the “fashion” part. However today I’m gonna touch on the flying part.

As a girl who loves travelling and exploring something new, it’s needless for me to say that flying is a great source of exctitement. Besides I am sharing this feeling with a great crew, just like the Belgian artist Jaak De Koninck. He is passionate everything about flying; airplanes, hostesses, people who feel excited about flying. This passion shows us itself by beautiful nostalgic water colour and oil colour artworks.

He paints even on stamps or 12 m2 canvas. And it’s also available to have his beautiful works by buying Starbrook Airlines chocolates. To be honest, the main reason for me to buy those chocolates is Jaak Je Koninck. I already have 2 tin boxes, some postcards and lots of paper package which are waiting to be framed. Framing a chocolate package? Don’t find it strange until you see those awesome works. I’d do a lot to have one of his original works to hang on bedroom in my new house.



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Amateur photographers at METU

I and a friend or mine, Mine, have met this summer. She is an architecture freshman student and a passionate about taking photographs, just like me. We have wandered in our new school and took photographs during our EPE preparation courses. Our promenade became pretty instructive for us to get to know about METU more. Let me show you some of them. I wonder if you like them. 🙂

Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit (In the other words: Miniature Wonderland)

Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_1

Do you want to go to a paradise with me? Then, continue reading… While I was wandering in Römer/Frankfurt, on the way of Kleinmarkethalle where I’ll tell you about later, I’ve found a store full of hand-made wooden miniature goods. As I saw the window of the store, I’ve found my self eyes-wide open in view of the beautiful tiny objects. My heart started pounding with my amazement and I’ve plunged into this paradise called Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit when I came to myself. Dreaming about those stuff was unavoidable, though. As a starchitect to be I asked the kind salesperson who let me take photos inside, if they ship their products to the other countries and told me “yes” which made me so glad. I think anything won’t make you imagine about what I’m talking about so, why don’t you look over the photos I’ve taken and admire?

Sizi cennette hissettirebilecek bir yeri tanımak ister misiniz? Cevabınız evet ise okumaya devam edin… Römer/Frankfurt’ta size daha sonra detaylı olarak tanıtmak istediğim Kleinmarkethalle yolunda giderken gözüm bir dükkana takıldı. Vitrinde minicik el yapımı süs eşyalarını görünce, çocukluğu el işi yapmakla geçmiş olan benim gözleri fal taşı gibi açılmış ve kalbi heyecandan küt küt atar halde vitrini nasıl seyre daldığımı tahmin bile edemezsiniz. Kendime geldiğimde hemen o Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit diye adlandırdıkları o cennetten kopmuş dükkana daldım. İçerideki mini minnacık el yapımı ahşap süsleri ve her biri birbirinden özel (ve pahalı!) guguklu saatleri görünce onlarla dolu hayallere dalmam zaten kaçınılmazdı. Bir mimarlık öğrencisi (ya da çok sevdiğim Danimarkalı bir mimarın deyimiyle Starchitect to be yani geleceğin yıldız mimarı 🙂 ) olarak yapacağım projeleri düşündüm ve içeride fotoğraf çekmeme izin verecek nezaketi gösteren satış elemanına yurt dışına gönderim yapıp yapmadıklarını sordum ve cevap beni fazlasıyla memnun etti. Evet! Fakat şimdi ben bu güzellikleri gözünüzde canlandırmak için ne söylesem boş, en iyisi siz çektiğim fotoğraflara bir göz atın ve her görüşümde yaptığım gibi iç geçirin.
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_2
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_3
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_4
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_5
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_6
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_7
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_8
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_9
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_10
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_11
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_12
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_13
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_14
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_15
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_16
Handwerkskunst Ulrike Scheit_17

Those eyes! hahahaa 🙂